Precognitve Trading Group is compiled of a think tank of 14 dedicated and passionate Remote Viewers* with a goal to successfully predict future outcomes for financial markets.
Our main focus is on major/top Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Chainlink).

*Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a taught and practiced mental skill, in which an individual (known as a Remote Viewer) describes an unseen target (in this case financial instruments) using a scientific protocol developed at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). During this protocol the information gets collected and distilled down – by alternating focus between conscious and subconscious mental states. The target (information) is not accessible to normal senses due to distance, time or shielding. The Remote Viewer is completely blind to what the target is, so he/she does not know anything about the target.
Using this skill, a Remote Viewer can describe and access information about a target located anywhere in the world. There are no limitations in terms of time and space. The target can be anything, for example: object, location, event, person, animal, activity etc. If the target is an event, then it can be from the past, present or future.
The term was coined in the 1970s at the Stanford Research Institute by physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff. At the time, Remote viewing protocols where developed as a part of United States government-sponsored research program now known as the “Stargate Project”. More information about remote viewing is on this page: https://www.irva.org/

Who are we?

Igor Grgić

Igor is an IT/SAP senior consultant and professional Forex trader. Independent and award-winning Remote Viewing (RV) researcher (PARE 2017 Award), published RV author (JSE, Vol. 32 No. 1 (2018)), RV project manager and developer of the ARV Studio software (2016).

Trading on Forex market from 2012 to 2014 using traditional methods – technical analysis. This was his journey until learning about Remote Viewing and Non-local Perception. Then, the old materialist paradigm and worldview was found lacking and limited – as intuited for many years. A new paradigm of limitless potential of human consciousness got adopted and embraced. From 2014 onwards, involved in several Associative Remote Viewing projects (predicting future financial outcomes) as a Manager, Tasker, Analyst/Judge and Forex Trader. Since 2015/2016 developing a proprietary forex trading technique combining abilities of the human mind such as Intuition, Precognition, Remote Viewing and Dream Insight. The result is the creation of the Precognitive Trading Group and PTG subscription service.

Anita de Lange

Anita is a born Natural Remote Viewer and during 2017 served as Precog-Pro at the Applied Precognition Project, where she implemented Associative Remote Viewing – predicting outcomes for four different groups. She has an above standard track record, and is active in research to improve upon historic patterns in context.
Anita won prizes for most accurate remote viewing transcripts twice in a row – at Daniel Saunders’ Remote Viewing Practice Targets initiative.
Anita currently persues parapsychology at the Alvarado and Zingrone Institute for Parapsychology Research and Education, as well as Controlled Remote Viewing under Lyn Buchanan (former Stargate Instructor and current CEO of Problems Solutions Innovations) to further develop her natural abilities and stay on top of new research.
Anita studied Business Administration and General Management at Worcester Technical College (1993-1995). She practiced General Accounting and Auditing at Theron du Plessis Inc – an affiliate of Price Waterhouse Coopers (1996-2006) and at PSG Konsult Ltd (2006-2014).

Tom Atwater

Tom has been doing Associative Remote Viewing since 2006, for horse racing, sports and Forex trading. He has received RV training from Pru Calabrese, Marty Rosenblatt, Skip Atwater, Julia Mossbridge and John Vivanco, but mostly learned on his own how to access his intuition in this way. Similar to the technique used here at PTG, he successfully used his intuition directly to show a profit predicting horse racing outcomes for nearly 1000 races over one year. Tom has a winning track record in Forex groups in the ARV-based Applied Precognition Project (which he co-founded) and in some other Forex groups. He qualified for horse racing’s National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas in 2011 using a combination of ARV and logic, finishing in the top 100 out of 350; he led a group that used ARV to finish 2nd out of 166 in a horse race handicapping contest, winning a cash prize.
Tom has done some operational RV working with Julia Mossbridge. He is an avid lindy hop/jitterbug swing dancer.

Jason Webb

Jason is a professional Remote Viewer. Trained in Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) and Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild (HRVG) methodologies. Also proficient in Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) and Remote viewing location work (finding lost items). He has a professional business in Remote Viewing. Consulting for personal health and finance, business products and growth strategies. Jason is also focused on Remote Viewing financial trajectories including Forex and Crypto currency trading. He also provides online Remote Viewing Training courses.
Jason has a Trade Certificate in Radio and Associated Electronics. A maritime technician that has worked on installation and servicing of GPS, satellite communication, VHF, HF, Radar and subsea acoustics. He has worked with private, corporate, governmental and the military sectors.

Karsten H.

Karsten is a seasoned Remote Viewer since 2003. He is from Germany and part of several small local german RV groups. Using CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) and ARV (Assiciated Remote Viewing). Has five years of Forex trading experience as a daytrader.


Cath is an Information Security Analyst. She was taught remote viewing by CRV (Joseph McMoneagle technique – missing persons, trading predictions, ASX futures). She is also an advanced dowser, healer, finder of lost items and people; USUI Reiki Master 2001; Dip. A.I.P.C, Adv. Major ‘Abuse and Trauma’. Advocate for those without a voice, instigator of positive change in policies, missing persons, aged care, mental health, animal safety, water and land. Cath owns a strong intuition, is big on integrity, transparency and justice.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers is a remote viewer introduced to CRV training with Angela Thompson Smith. Mike is also trained and proficient in ARV, future of markets, Lottery, human and item location and has worked many high profile operational targets involving missing persons, fugitive, and homicide. His RV session data has appeared on Giam TV, in multiple Remote Viewing publications, Warcollier Award winning experiments, University findings, and also recorded and filmed with monitor Stephan Schwartz on 2060 project (available at Academia.edu). Other affiliations and experience: HRVG methodology, Nevada remote viewers guild, Mindwise Consulting projects: Romance of the Skies data (IRVA presentation on telepathic overlay) and Sardinia project. Heavy personal interest in unified physics, Martial arts and music.

Coral Carte

Coral trained remote viewing with Lyn Buchanan in 2000 and 2001. She also had a mentor Ralph Burton who started his own yahoo RV group called Mad Dog. In years later she joined Daz Smith’s RV group Jumpgate. Coral is an operational viewer and had worked and participated in many different projects. She trains remote viewing for Italian students.